Re: Req: Microcontroller Recommendation

Veekster wrote:
Hello my most esteemed colleagues,

I'm designing a sensor interface circuit that has gain and filtering
options that need to be set by latching a parallel set of bits. I
want to control this remotely with a serial interface of some type (to
reduce conductor count). I'm thinking I need a simple microcontroller
with a serial interface (usart?) to do this easily.

Additionally, a microcontroller with a sleep mode that shuts down the
clocks would enhance low noise measurement performance, so that's a
requirement. Ideally it would wake up on serial interface activity.

Would you geniuses care to recommend a simple microcontroller (or an
alternate approach) that would do the job?

The simple tinyAVR and PIC controllers seem to have too many
peripherals and are overkill, but maybe that's no big deal. We're
only building ~1000 of these.

You can't get any smaller than a Tiny AVR or a PIC.
Also consider the NXP LPC111x line. True 32-bit
registers and math can be useful, particularly if
you like assembly language.

In any case, take some time and pick the product
that will serve you for the long haul so that you
won't have to set up and learn a new toolchain next
time you need a little controller.