Re: Is Zilog still in business?

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Maybe if Zilog's management wasn't so incompetant, they wouldn't
have crashed the company the way they did.
Do you mean this time or over the last 30 years?
Past 5 or 6 years. Which CEO said "we are getting out of the
microcontroller buisness"? And I can't remember when they last
introduced a new 8bit part.
Someone should write a book about Zilog. The Z80
was a remarkable part and, along with it's peripheral
chips, highly successful. After they failed to
deliver the Z800, I pretty much gave them up. I'd
like to know how it comes about that a company can
produce an excellent product line then fail 100%
to follow through.

Read In search of Stupidity....

Not specifically about Zilog but it is about the Sw /IT /Computing
industry and the complete mess some companies made of a sure fire

The premise is the top dogs are not the top because they are good but
that they made fewer obvious mistakes.

Another interesting read about this subject is "On the Edge: the Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore".