Re: Extended Hamming encode/decode

D Yuniskis wrote:

Hi Vladimir,

Vladimir Vassilevsky wrote:

Actially, it is Meggitt decoder. The idea is to calculate the syndromes on the fly rather then store them in a LUT. This kind of decoder could be easily applied for *any* cyclic code; it's advantage is simplicity.

For those who are interested in the classic error correction math, the good book is R. Blahut "Theory and practice of the error control codes"

I like _Error-Correcting Codes_ by W Wesley Peterson.

Well known book, also.

No doubt out of date.

That's the basis; it couldn't be outdated although they couldn't cover the latest discoveries.

But, requires a considerable math background to
truly appreciate much of what is covered (field theory, etc.).
And, you won't find any code snippets within. :< But, if
you understand the math behind the theory, you can usually
roll your own implementation fairly easily.

Code snippets are of no use if you don't understand how they work. And if you do understand, then you don't need code snippets.

I will try to chase down a copy of Blahut just to see how it feels.

R. Blahut is a good writer; his books are pleasure to read.
Besides the book on codes, I can recommend his "Fast Algorithms for Signal Processing".

Vladimir Vassilevsky
DSP and Mixed Signal Design Consultant