Re: 256-fold (or even more) increase in speed on copper wire possible IMHO

RalfM wrote:
Grant Edwards wrote:

I'm sure all those engineers at TI, Bell Labs, DEC, Intel, HP, etc.
were all wrong.

I think they all thought of only bit-serial transmission, not going further in the dimension.

You have _no_ idea. None at all. Really.

You're basically calling 100+ years' worth of study in electrical signal transmission theory worthless, purely on the basis of what _you_ "think they all thought". Well, think again.

Better yet, stop writing for a while and use the saved time to read up on the subject before you embarrass yourself any further. For starters let me suggest you look up, and _understand_ all of the following transmission standards:

56kbit/s analog modem over POTS
ADSL/SDSL technologies
QAM-256 modulation used for digital cable TV
Gigabit Ethernet

Do you think that everybody goes to such measures to avoid DC
signalling just for fun?

My understanding is that one can do it better, faster, and cheaper.

That understanding lacks both completeness and correctness in rather critical amounts.

For example 1000BASE-T uses 4 pairs (!) of wires, IMHO a waste of wires and HW.

You've been investing an awful lot of bandwidth here into proving that the 'H' in that 'IMHO' is a lie.