Re: Recommendation: Low power microcontroller for battery powered logger

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Hi All,

I'm after a recommendation for a microcontroller with the following

- 3.3V
- in circuit programming
- I2C I/O
- low power sleep mode

- cheap / free compiler
- on board RAM / EEPROM / Flash memory for logging (64K min)

What I'm trying to do:
Log measurements from a sensor IC that communicates via I2C.

Been there, done that. Used an MSP430 and SD card for the

If you want to log to the onboard flash memory, you'll be
more limited with the MSP430 series.

I use the Imagecraft compiler. About $250. Good technical
support and prompt response to problems. Another $100 gets
you the NoIce debugger. Very handy and well supported.
Unless you alread have a JTAG system, plan on another
$100 for a USB-JTAG interface for programming and debugging.

I don't know if a total cost of ~$350 counts as cheap for you---
but I made that back on my first project and put money in
the bank!

Mark Borgerson

yep $350 is definitely cheap enough... last commercial compiler i used
was> $1000 ...
AVR processors have low power modes and there is a free compiler available.

A In System Programmer can be built your self or a cheap one can be
purchased from Digikey.

WINAVR compiler FREE
AVR ISP mk II $35

Does that include a debugger with the ability to set breakpoints,
single-step, examine variables and registers, etc. ? I plead
woeful ignorance as to the components and functionality of
the AVR Studio.

Mark Borgerson