Re: IAR EWARM vs NXP ARMs, again

On Wed, 30 Jun 2010 04:42:38 -0700 (PDT), larwe <zwsdotcom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Jun 30, 4:25 am, Mike Harrison <m...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It definitely does work, but some of the setup is non-obvious and you will struggle to get there
from a blank project.

This is very strange. According to an earlier message from their tech
support, the linker (inter alia) is aware of what specific device
you've picked for the project, and for instance will automatically
generate the correct bootloader checksum for devices that require it.

I think this is generated by the flash loader, not the linker. A while ago when I was writing some
IAP code, I had to generate the checksum myself - it was not included in the hex file.

The impression I got from his email is that it is largely automated
(which is after all the only reason why I use an IDE - to get running
quickly without manually editing linker scripts and learning command
line switches).

Grr. It Just Worked with RiDE... the Raisonance guys seem to be more
on the ball. The only thing about RiDE is that it only works with the
RLink debugger, or you can build and load a hex file with the chip's

The 32K eval version of IAR would have been all I need, and I have the
right JTAG adapter for it already, which is why I'm taking a second
bite at it.

Stick with it - once you get familiar with setting it up right it is a very nice IDE, and there are
free versions for a number of processor families including AVR and MSP430