Re: a hobby class on microcontrollers

On Jul 7, 9:53 am, Walter Banks <wal...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
linnix wrote:
Yes, that's the plan.  He will do one for the micro and I might (if I
have time) do one on the PC.  I might do a 6502 ICE on the PC, since
the 6502 instruction set is in the public domain (I think).

The real status of the 6502 instruction set  is a little fuzzy. The
Western Design Center have made some patent related claims
that have now probably expired

I have seen a lot of 6502 based processors pop up in asia in
some cases with opcodes swapped around for all the instructions
except for branches.

Yes, indeed. We can order 6502 look alike embedded core in ASIC.
They don't work truly like the 6502, but close enough. In fact, we
need to build the ICE to target an OTP ASIC.