Re: 8051 Keil C site updated!

Am 07.07.2010 20:51, schrieb Muzza:
On Jul 8, 1:45 am, Bob<SkiBoy...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Murray R. Van Luyn wrote:

Isn't it odd that such empty criticism always comes from anonymous

No odder than you suddenly deciding to change your own name from "Murray R. Van Luyn" to "Muzza" in the middle of a thread.

, with no worthy contribution of their own?

You'll have to excuse us not taking your word for that.

Bob. I have merely requested an
apparently psychic critic, of code that he has not seen,

So let's see: _you_ claim to know what somebody who you emphasize never having heard of before, has or has not seen, and in the same sentence accuse _them_ of being "apparently psychic". Now that's rich. Oh, and a great way to destroy any credibility you might have had left, too.

No, I am on very solid ground to defend against all accusations of
being a spammer, Bob.

In your dreams. Whether you consider that PayPal contribution a "very affordable investment" or a "token" doesn't matter in the least. It makes your website a commercial one, and unsolicited advertising for it spam.