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Into 8051 derived controllers and coding with Keil C51? Save
development hours by basing your applications on my proven,
foundation Keil C source code modules. Find them here:

Please take advantage of the site's safe bookmarking
mechanism and come
often. New content is currently being added on a very regular basis.

Murray R. Van Luyn.

There is a commercial site (pay me to download my software) at the end
of that link - your post is the textbook definition of SPAM.

For the rest of the world, there is better software out there FOR


Very true, I had a quick look at the serial module and it's joke code.
Has no value whatever.

Isn't it odd that such empty criticism always comes from
anonymous, with no
worthy contribution of their own?

Okay cbarn24050, please feel free to impress us all with your own
significant and worthwhile contributions to the embedded community.

Can't do it? Why ever not, I wonder?

Murray R. Van Luyn.

I second the criticisms made by Cbarn and RK.

There is far better C51 software available for free.  I would also
suggest that you are a novice at embedded code.

Further I think you really should (and very quickly) remove most of your
web site before people see it. You are probably in a LOT more trouble
than you realise.


And how am I in trouble according to you this time, Chris?

Murray R. Van Luyn.

Apart from the appalling code do you have permission to use the Kiel

More psychic code commentary. How about I give you Reinhart's e-mail
address, and you can indulge your child-like desires to intimidate by
telling on me to him?

Murray R. Van Luyn.

I don't need you to give me anyone's email address. I have known
Reinhard personally for many years, by which I mean face to face in real
life. However it is Mark Onions or Rene Fabricius you need to talk to
before you use an ARM trade mark.

As a Keil distributor (and for several years I was Keil UK Ltd) and
many years of actually using the Keil C51 in real projects apart from a
decade of Keil tech support I have seen a lot of Keil C51 code and the
only use of your web site is the legal statements. You seem to have
spent more time on those than the code. Pity you do not understand them.

\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills Staffs England /\/\/\/\/