Re: Migrating from PIC18 to ARM: which MCU to choose?

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We have a product based around the PIC18F6680 which is now becoming a
rare and expensive part. Since it looks like ARM devices are winning
the popularity war, the chips are cheap and plentiful. The question
is, with so many vendors and parts to choose from which one should we
go with? The main requirements for this application, in order of
importance, are:

For most selection, lowest cost, and free optimizing compilers and IDE:
look at Renesas R8C. Over 1000 variations of the R8C core, with many CAN,
VEEPROM, and small package choices. Some even have DTC (DMA), D/A, and

It isn't ARM IP, but with a free optimizing compiler (and GCC support too)
you may want to request a quote to see how much money you save.

To quote PJ Paluger " I can't afford to use free tools"

Just because the tools a "free" does not mean you will save any money.
And just because they are expensive it does not mean they will solve
every problem.

I spoke to some one last week who "saved" 40K on their tools... however
they have now discovered that the tool will not do something they need
and it will cost them well over 40K (per project!) to rectify the

Another company had a choice of a two compilers one 25% the cost of the
other. They bought the cheaper one. Now they have had to buy the more
expensive one as the cheap one just did not work well enough.

In many cases the expensive tools are over kill and do too much. On the
other hand some inexpensive and free tools are really good. In many
cases they will do all you need. It depends what you need to do.

So get the right tools for the job and remember "costs" are not just the
purchase price there is much more to it than that.

\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills Staffs England /\/\/\/\/