Re: OT?: Pricing psychology

Hi Rich,

Rich Webb wrote:
On Fri, 10 Dec 2010 13:02:43 -0700, D Yuniskis
<> wrote:

But, I've been half-heartedly looking for
information about the "why" behind certain
pricing strategies (thinking in terms of end
user prices). E.g., the $99 vs. $100 type

I'm *sure* there is some researched basis
for all this (else why is it so common?).
I know there is a whole science to "mass
mailings", funeral parlor layouts, etc.
so assume there must be something that
applies to 'consumer pricing", in general.

I've stumbled on -- or been directed to -- a
few interesting books re: behavior (and how
odd/irrational it can be). But, I've yet to
find: "The Seller's Guide to Product Pricing".

Ask Cecil "The World's Smartest Human"

And if you spend the rest of the afternoon browsing around the anecdotes
at the Straight Dope, I apologize in advance...

<grin> Having lived in Chi-town for many years, I am aware
of Uncle Cecil's musings. (I loved his explanation for why
earthworms come out of the ground when it rains...)

I was hoping for something more along the lines of a college
text, research paper, etc. While the "99" practice is
common, I wonder if folks are just blindly "following it"
without understanding it (i.e., if it is even VALID).