Re: OT?: Pricing psychology

On 10/12/2010 20:02, D Yuniskis wrote:

I suspect most of us aren't involved in the
"business end" of our work...

But, I've been half-heartedly looking for
information about the "why" behind certain
pricing strategies (thinking in terms of end
user prices). E.g., the $99 vs. $100 type

I'm *sure* there is some researched basis
for all this (else why is it so common?).
I know there is a whole science to "mass
mailings", funeral parlor layouts, etc.
so assume there must be something that
applies to 'consumer pricing", in general.

I've stumbled on -- or been directed to -- a
few interesting books re: behavior (and how
odd/irrational it can be). But, I've yet to
find: "The Seller's Guide to Product Pricing".

Any pointers to noteworthy publications? I'd
prefer something with a bit more depth than
"Avoid whole dollars" -- yet less detail than
"A Dissertation on Human Evolution: From
Tadpole to Walking Upright"


I was once told that retail outlets price to 99 rather than whole
currency units to force the sales people to ring the sale through the
till, to get the change, rather than just put the money in their pockets.

I didn't say I believe it, its just a reason relayed to me.


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