Re: X.509 certificates on small micros?

On Dec 17, 11:07 am, tum_ <atoumantsev_s...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Dec 17, 6:07 pm, linnix <m...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

1024bit key should be around 1 second for 16MHz AVR.

Yes, public key by the 16MIPS (single cycle) 8-bit AVR, which is
faster than the 8-bit z80

So is it MIPS or MHz? I do not think it is the same thing for an 8-bit

AVR instructions are single cycle.

BTW, my z80 ran at 15MHz, but no MULs - huge disadvantage when it
comes to RSA :(

Xmega runs at 32MHz, but no USB version, unfortunately.