Re: Applications "buying" resources

Hi Jon,

On 12/30/2010 4:37 PM, Jon Kirwan wrote:
Just thought I'd let you know that your worldview is much
closer to mine than David's is. I almost could have written
your words for you. Interesting; and enjoying the discussion

<shrug> My approach to these problems has evolved as
my solutions have become more sophisticated. With the
sort of processing power and resources that you can
cram into a few cubic inches *today*, there are far
more possibilities that can be explored.

I.e., if people think it a worthwhile use of resources
to make menus that fade in/out, then *I* can consider
it a worthwhile use of resources to dynamically
control the resources that applications use! <grin>

The parallel to windowed display environments is a good
one. I.e., you can chose to naively handle your "expose
event" and repaint the *entire* window. Or, you can
try to use some smarts to only repaint the newly-exposed
portion. Or, you can let the window manager handle some
or all of this with backing store.

Each approach has different levels of sophistication and
cost. But, the cost of the *framework* is distributed across
all subsequent application instances. I.e., once you *can*
do these sorts of things, it becomes *easier* to do them
(imagine running a windowed environment on a KSR-33!)
Just because you don't have such an environment *now*
doesn't mean you can't *develop* one (e.g., the "power"
resource hasn't even been discussed, here, yet will be
*increasingly* important in future product designs as
users expect more functionality in smaller sizes and
longer battery lifes [sic])