Re: How to enable file transfer for cross-platform application

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I would like to enable file transfer between Windows PCs and a bunch
of Linux devices within a corporate network(include one site or
3. Using Samba

This is a really tough question without further details; there isn't
really a "right" answer. What is the direction of file transfer (1
Windows server, multi Linux clients, multi Windows clients, multi
Linux servers, ...), are you providing the software only on the Linux
devices, and do you also require device discovery? Describe the
architecture of the network in a bit more detail - i.e. who is
connecting to whom - and it should be possible to suggest something
helpful. Note: You will not, as a rule, be able to resolve \\SMB-NAME
or SMB-NAME from a Linux box.

BTW, UPnP was designed to solve these sorts of problems for you (but
it is far from trivial to implement).

Good questions. I will try to answer as much as I can.
1. I prefer that one windows PC polls multiple Linux device to get
files. files will be transferred from the device to PC.
2. I will write the firmware for Linux device for sure. I can also
write PC software if it is required.
3. I prefer the Linux device can be discovered by their serial IDs. I
can consider discovery protocols such as zeroconf only if it is
necessary for my task.
4. Can you explain me the rule why I am not able to resolve \\SMB-NAME
or SMB-NAME from a Linux box?
I will check UPnP, hopefully it will be a good solution.
Thank you!