Re: How to track questions and answers of a project

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I have to work with another developer at a remote office, still within
the same corporate network though. I would like to share questions and
answers about the project with him, so later we may have a knowledge
base or engineering wiki, but I don't want to copy/paste send/reply
the questions and answers with email, which is a waste of resource and
hard to trace.

I hope we both (and others in the team) refer to a same link, ask
question there and see all answers there. Only the team member can
read it, since some contents is IP related. One possible solution is
to setup a HTTP server, and we all log into this server, and leave our
questions and answers there. Is there any easier/better way or simple
tools around?

Thank you!

You may want to check with the IT folks at your company. There is a
rather nice infrastructure product called SharePoint that allows the
administration to setup "sites" that user groups have memberships in,
The local site admin for a "site" can configure pages of the site to
contain various types of content including files repositories and
discussion groups.


Michael Karas
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