Re: Want Review on uC/OS-II and its main competators

On 13/01/2011 07:37, Tim Wescott wrote:
On Wed, 12 Jan 2011 22:08:03 -0800, Like2Learn wrote:

Does anybody have experience with uC/OS-II? Will you recommend it? What
are the major Pros and Cons?

It's small and no nonsense.

Does it support Auto-IP? Does it support ZeroConf or Bonjour?

Some small OS's may have support for these, or they may be available using third-party IP stacks. Of course, if the OS (and IP stack) give you a working base, including UDP and TCP/IP, the you should be able to implement these protocols in application code if needed.

Does it support ext3 or NTFS?

If you need this sort of nonsense, then you want a _big_ OS. You may be
able to start with uC/OS-II and stick all those bits on, but by the time
you're done you may have spent more than a larger OS.

If you want 'free' consider Linux (maybe uLinux?). If you want to buy
something, think QNX, WindRiver, etc.

Actually, if NTFS and ext3 are both on the requirements list, then Linux is, I think, the only option - no matter how much you are willing to pay.

Who are the major competitors of uC/OS-II?

Other small OS's