Re: Do you still use "RS232" or something else?

On 16/01/11 20:28, Oliver Betz wrote:
Grant Edwards wrote:


Using a terminal program (e.g the one supplied with the PC operating
system) is easy.

The problem is that Windows doesn't supply a terminal program. All it
comes with is "Hyperterminal". While it has the word "terminal" in
it's name I don't think it qualifies as a terminal program. It's so
bad it barely qualifies as a program at all.

Ah, Hyperterminal bashing. I also did so years ago. But it's not
justified. There is a flaw in newly created sessions, and there is an
easy workaround (save .ht and re-open). Besides this, it is not so

Which terminal program do you suggest to be sent to customers?

Any pealr I didn't list on ?

You already have my favourite, Tera Term Pro, on your list. But you might want to add a link to the current version at <> . It has a large number of enhancements since the original 1999 version, including better ssh2 for those that want that (I prefer it to putty), more baud rates, automatic detection of valid comms ports (very handy for USB converters), improved macro language, etc.