Re: Do you still use "RS232" or something else?

On 1/17/2011 3:33 AM, David Brown wrote:
On 17/01/2011 09:33, Oliver Betz wrote:
David Brown wrote:


Ah, Hyperterminal bashing. I also did so years ago. But it's not
justified. There is a flaw in newly created sessions, and there is an
easy workaround (save .ht and re-open). Besides this, it is not so

Which terminal program do you suggest to be sent to customers?

Any pealr I didn't list on ?

You already have my favourite, Tera Term Pro, on your list. But you

Might be your favourite, but not what I consider a lightweigt solution
for the occasional user. Does it still install special fonts?

I don't know about the special fonts (never noticed if it needs them or
not), but I agree that it is not the most lightweight solution - I
dislike the extra couple of programs it installs by default. However,
once it is in place, it is simple and fast to use, and has plenty of
features for when you need them.

I just checked my TeratermPro install directory.

Total size is about 5MB.

What do you consider lightweight ?

Were talking Windoze here, nothing in WXP in that small.

What I would like to see is a term program that displays hex values.



If it doesn't come with the OS, it has to be as simple as OCConsole,
Termite etc., preferably just one executable. Run it, delete it (and
maybe an INI file), no traces left.

Certainly such programs have their place. For my use (and my customers'
use), it is fine to leave TTP installed on the machine, and it therefore
doesn't matter if it is a little bigger than necessary.

might want to add a link to the current version at
<> . It has a large number of enhancements

There is already the link to the project page

That link works, but is less clear than the one I gave. It ends up with
the same program in both cases, but my link leads you quicker to
information about the program rather than just the download link.

It's a useful list you've made, by the way. I'll give a few others there
a test at some point.