Re: QNX GUI design, need a solution

On Jan 14, 1:04 am, Like2Learn <like2le...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I would like to design a GUI for an embedded device running QNX, with
LCD size about a quarter of VGA. I would like the GUI includes some
graphics, or maybe FLASH as well, to attract the eyeballs of the
customers, with reasonable engineering effort.  BTW, it is more like a
GUI for a classical embedded system application than a Multi-Media
application.  No 3D is required.

I think QNX already provides me the following options.
1. HMI Technology. It includes support for Adobe Flash, HMTL5, HMTL5,
Native 2D, Graphical composition, etc.
2. QNX Core Graphics Technology. It includes support for OPENGL, 2D,
3D, video capture, image manipulation, cursor control and use of
3. QNX Photon microGUI.
4. QNX Aviage HMI Suite.

Which one would you like to recommend? Which is the most expensive one
and which is the least? Which is the easiest to learn and which is the

Does any of the above solution can generate high-quality GUI that is
equal to or better than SWELL PEG Pro?

At YOU i Labs, we have a UI framework that runs on QNX and enables
iPhone like user experiences on much lower end hardware. We have both
2D and 3D graphics libraries that typically outperform native QNX
solutions by as much as 10X. User our platform and same some $ on
your hardware selection.