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Hi everybody,
i need a camera module which will be connected to a Embedded
platform .Embedded platform will have control over the camera like whenever
it wants a picture, camera will receive a command and supply a picture.
After the Embedded platform receives the picture it uploads to the
internet. picture can be of any form and interface between the camera and

Any form ?

QVGA, CIF, Monochrome, raw RGB, interlaced, progressive, HD Video

embedded board can be anything like spi or usb or i2c or anything.... Can
anyone please suggest an idea of how to come up with a solution to this
problem.? which camera module can be used? what kind of interface is good
to use?which Embedded platform is better(having ethernet or WIFI)?
medium color quality is fine.

Sounds like a wish list without reserach.

camera could able to take pictures during day and night.

Ah the ultimate perfect camera.

With or without extra illumination of white lights or LED or even IR.

For that matter mechanically operated IR filters.

What lens size?

What is likely fastest moving object at minimum illumination?

please suggest if is there any ready made platforms are available ? cheaper
the better .Thanks in advance

Cheaper than what?

Ready made for what?

Sounds like the ultimate wishlist for the perfrect camera and system at
zero cost or development time.

I don't think you have the basic idea of what you are trying to take
pictures of.

Until you sort out what the MEASURED extremes you are trying to acquire
you just have GIGO.

correct me if anything wrong.

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