Re: Getting time from a GPRS modem

Am 11.03.2011 12:47, schrieb Stef:
Is there a possibility to get current time (UTC preferred) from a
(connected) GPRS modem? I've been searching through the Telit AT
Commands Reference Guide, but only references to "time" are in
context of SMS. Not sure if it depends on the type of modem, but
a possible candidate is the Telit GE863.

In the past we have used NTP over the dataconnection to get time
on our device. But for a new device, I was hoping to skip the added
complexity of using NTP. Mainly to avoid having to set up a dedicated
NTP server or make arrangements with or another provider.

Forget about using NTP over GPRS Networks if you need to rely on seconds. This won't work as expected because the latency is in the range of 0.4 to 30 seconds and more, BTDT.
Using ntpd leads also to excessive data traffic, obviously NTP tries to correct the errors with additional requests.