Re: Eclipse ARM toolchain for the Linux

Grant Edwards wrote:

I wasn't following the gdb developers list at the time but my _guess_
is that maybe they didn't (remove functionality when they removed the
Angel stuff from the source tree). Obscure features/protocols often
end up in a broken state as other parts of the system evolve. If
there's nobody with the knowlege/desire/hardware/time to maintain the
obscure features, they end up being removed after they've been sitting
in a non-working, non-maintained state for a few years.

In other cases, an obscure feature (that may be working) is removed
because the maintainers know it's going to be broken by a big
refactoring or redesign, and nobody steps ups to bring the obscure
feature forward with the rest of the system.

Or maybe they just got tired of the ugliness. :)

Have no real knowledge of gdb internals, but are the various debug
protocols now handled by some sort of plug in format, or is it an ad hoc
function call interface ?. A plug structure would make the integration
of alternate debug formats easier as it would become more of a
translation process, from internal format to and from target...