Is Realterm for Real?

I was asking about Bitscope a couple of weeks ago. They finally
replied and I got it working. Now I am looking for RealTerm "spy"
drivers (not SPI). The web pages say you need to donate a bit to get
them emailed to you. It also says something about their paypal
account being non-operational and they will be back in October. Was
that LAST October or NEXT October. I wrote to them (him) a few days
ago and have not heard back.

Is RealTerm no longer supported? Too bad, in many ways it is a pretty
good program. It does have a few rough edges, but nothing a bit of
polish can't take care of. If it isn't going to be maintained though,
I'd rather spend my time and effort on something that will.

What is the best open source term emulator? Is there anything out
there that will accurately monitor a serial port on a PC showing the
*exact* order of the xmit and receive data? I have a problem where
the last char in the incoming message is not showing up until the next
message is received. Initially everything is ok. Then something
slips and every message starts with the last char of the previous
message. I have idle waits while looking for that last char and I have
done manual checks with it not showing up. So I don't think it is my
program. It really is not showing up as a received char.

If I can't find software to let me see this, I guess I'll have to get
desperate and hook up a protocol analyzer... if I had one. Man, that
takes me back. Is there anything on the inexpensive side to do that,
watch both directions of a serial port and show the character data in
the sequence received? That should be a $50 item. Maybe I can jury
rig something with an MCU board. I should have a few around here...