Re: Is Realterm for Real?

What is the best open source term emulator? Is there anything out
there that will accurately monitor a serial port on a PC showing the
*exact* order of the xmit and receive data? I have a problem where
the last char in the incoming message is not showing up until the next
message is received. Initially everything is ok. Then something
slips and every message starts with the last char of the previous
message. I have idle waits while looking for that last char and I have
done manual checks with it not showing up. So I don't think it is my
program. It really is not showing up as a received char.

What you're describing isn't a terminal emulator. It's a serial port
monitor. Years ago I used MicroTap from Paladin Software, who are still in
business. See

Their software included a cable that uses the Rx inputs from two serial
ports on a DOS (!) computer to listen to both directions of transmissions.
(Computer A talks bidirectionally to computer B while comptuter T runs
MicroTap and logs traffic, entire setup uses the special cable which has
four ends). It works and does what you want it to (display bytes in order
as they are transmitted) and more.

When I was younger and had extra time on my hands, I built my own cable and
wrote my own SECS-II traffic analyzer under DOS. That's no small job but
it's not huge either. It just shows that it's a doable DIY investment if
you have the time. I still have the cable in a box gathering dust for who
knows what.