Re: Ripped off by Allied electronics - don't give them your card details

Hi George,

On 5/22/2011 4:07 PM, George Neuner wrote:
The bad ones are in Texas, Allied Electronics. They are a distributor.
The Chicago company is the manufacturer, good quality cases, no
complaints their way whatsoever. Hopefully mentioning them in this
thread does not cost them, it is meant only against Allied who did
the theft.

So complain about Allied to Texas's Attorney General and Better
Business Bureau.

The AG is probably not worth his effort (Dimiter is in Bulgaria?).

Doesn't matter where the complaints come from .... the AG likely will
investigate if there are enough.

Yes. My point was the hassle of doing this from abroad.
Usually, they want complaints in writing (not "email", etc.).

And the BBB is, IMO, pretty useless to consumers! About all they will
provide to an interested querant is how many "unanswered" complaints
have been received by the BBB regarding the company in question.
(i.e., an *answered* complaint -- regardless of whether or not the
complainant was *satisfied* with the "answer" -- falls off their

Yes ... the BBB is biased toward dues paying members and has no
enforcement power . However, a sufficient number of complaints to the
BBB can result in a negative rating for the business and/or delisting
from the BBB. Negative ratings certainly can hurt a business and
delisting really can hurt, so the BBB has a role to play.

As a consumer, I've never found the BBB to be useful. They
aren't *consumer* advocates but, rather, *business* advocates.
It's like a "stamp of approval" -- that damn near ANYONE can get
(for a fee).

There are several firms here that are notorious for consumer
abuses. Yet, their BBB ratings always look "OK". Complaints
are "answered" -- though I am sure they aren't "resolved" to
the satisfaction of the complainants! :-/ As a result, the
BBB's credibility is sacrificed.

[though they are very polite about providing you with these
statistics! :-/ ]