Re: PWM LED Array

On May 22, 5:17 pm, D Yuniskis <> wrote:
Hi Gene,

On 5/22/2011 3:34 PM, Gene wrote:

Is this a 1x63 array?  3x21?  How many lamps do you intend to
have lit concurrently?  how many "intensities" do you seek?

The array configuration is one of the things that I'm uncertain on.
I would think that it'd be configured based on the end method of
driving said array. I'd need all on at the same time, with at least
a few intensity levels (5 or so would be plenty) for all LEDs.

Wait -- you want to treat them all AS IF they were a single lamp?
I.e., two states:  all on (at some "dimness level") or all *off*?
*Not* 1 on, 2 on, 26 on, etc.?

(which begs the question, why not use "some number on" to give you
your variable intensity?  unless you need illumination over a
wider area, etc.)

Sound like LCD backlite. It he said so originally, we wouldn't have
to go through all those guessings.