Re: Do you see any future to the 8-bit MCU's?

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During the latest months I have been receiving offers for 32-bit
MCU's, mostly based on ARM-Cortex CPU's, at prices I'm currently
paying for 8-bit devices, or even cheaper! This has brought me to
benchmark them with the MCU independent part of my C++ code and
surprisingly the results are quite similar.

Same price, same flash consumption ... what do yo think? Is this the
end of the 8-bit's? I guess it is.


I just redesigned an old card using a 8051, an A/D converter, a static
RAM (2 kilobytes) and some glue logic. The new card was done with a
Stellaris Cortex, LM3S818. All the IC:s on the new card costed together
less than the A/D converter chip on the old design.

When our current AVR -based designs need to be replaced, the Stellaris
chips are the potential replacements.

The Stellaris chips run fast with minimal electricity, but there is the
price of a quite complicated set-up of the master and peripheral clocks
and port pins.

Except for the price of the tools. AVR and PIC tools are still much
cheaper. We expect to spend around $1k for the new tools;
unfortunately, the cheap/low cost version won't cut it.

I'm using the gnu-arm tool chain, built from source*. It works fine.

How much does CodeSourcery want for the 'real' tools?

* I'm not saying it was _free_, but I built the tool chain when I was
between contracts, so it was relatively cheap.