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I want to put a remote weather station in Central Texas. There is no 3G
there. It would be good to reduce components - using an Android phone as
the only programmable part of the system, with a USB interface
presumably. There is AC.

Nothing is selected now. I'm not really well versed in the cellular data
standards, but I know a little. Thoughts?

you said you have AC so, maybe X10/domotics to a 'receiver'/'host
computer in a more hospitable location. Then either internet or phone
or ???

This is for pretty much out in the middle of nowhere.

How far away are the sensors from your central (for lack of a better
term) location?

The sensors and the "station" are in the same place. So there is no
complicated scheme between the sensors the telemetry node

If you can collect all data with internal sensors (sound, image,
motion, etc.), then you can do all software and all Java.  However, if
you need external sensor inputs, it gets more complicated.

Most Android phones are USB device (slave), and as such, cannot
initiate external triggers and/or events.  So, you would need an
external controller to collect data and "ADB push" into the phone.
Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a standard protocol in all Android
phones.  We are using a PIC24FJ256DA206 to do it.

You can have a Java App talking to a socket server or just polling
some data location in flash memory.  Furthermore, you are likely
limited to user space access, without doing too much damage to the
phone.  We have gained temperory root access to a LG VS740, but it
won't survive reboot.  Making permanent root access risks bricking the
phone.  So, we are not there yet.

Well, you could build something discriminate 'stepped' audio
frequencies anda few photocells could detect lit areas of the screen.
But yeah, not the same as digital I/O or serial out.

It also occurs to me, you should be able to emulate a modem with an
Android phone

Yes, if you provide the driver.

There's always a catch.....