Re: what's the future of Object Oriented Programming

VV wrote:

I have spend most of my career with object oriented concepts (12+ years
) but recently with AJAX and the free tools, I really wonder what the
future of OO is.

I recently launched a business written completely with free tools like
php and AJAX. I worked hard to give everything a structure like we OO
programmers are so particular about but honestly there was minimal
dependence on OO.

That makes me wonder what you think OO is, if you didn't see it all over
your project.

The extend of my reusability might have been include pages, constants

Re-use is a happy side-effect of good designs. The primary goal is managing
dependencies between modules, by making them more pluggable. Your web page
can work in any browser, so the HTTP and HTML are like adapter layers. The
actual browser gives alternate behaviors to the common inputs.

For example, AJAX is a data stream to an Object - any web browser. The data
stream is a Message, where the JavaScript in the web page in the browser is
the Method that responds to that Message. Pure OO.

So the future of OO is ... you are soaking in it!

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