Re: Corollas, Not Maseratis (Re: Whose Fish?)

topmind <topmind@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
S Perryman wrote:
Well, he did "show" .
A trading settlement system that used graph-theoretic techniques.
Perhaps he will "show" us some other problems and the systems that
solved those problems.

Are you talking about that one that Freeb produced an initial
solution, and then P. May introduced yet more specifics *after* he
saw Freeb's draft? I can understand why Freeb abandonned that one.

I've been refraining from replying to you because you are a
troll. It turns out that you're also a liar.

The thread in which I described the clearing and settlement
system can easily be found in Google Groups. If an honest observer
starts around

he or she will see that Mr. Bertilsson and I had an interesting
exchange that petered out earlier than I'd hoped. Far from moving the
goalposts, as implied by your sleazy insinuations, my responses were
intended to provide additional information so that he could provide a
solution to the real requirements. I sincerely hope he decides to
continue the discussion.

You, on the other hand, aren't worth the effort it took to write
this post.



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