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Date: 11/03/03

Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 04:40:54 GMT

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>Thanks for looking.
>I've been wondering which language to learn first too. Can we have a little
>more clarification here? I'd really appreciate it. I want to create mostly
>freeware/shareware utility programs...but would also like to be able to
>create a chat room or discussion group type of thing......any suggestions?

The question is kind of a non sequitor. If you're using a Windows, or a
Linux box, you'll be using 3 or 4 languages at the same time. PHP or
ASP for the web page automation, SQL for database queries, and of course
HTML for web page layout. You might also have to learn the obscure
notation of you web server configuration (kind of a language), an editor
like emacs (when people ask my religion I say I use emacs but I was
raised Methodist.) For Linux or other *nix's it helps to know Bash, the
command line shell.

A great way to learn this is to spend the $30 on a book on how to whack
out automated websites on the platform of your choice.

The real b*tch of learning how to program is the fact that you'll always
have to learn at least three "languages" simutaniously to do anything of
interest. On top of that you'll have to learn how to use the vast
library of system calls to get some help from the computer you're
running on. Another chalange is to realise that the thing you'd like to
build has already been built by someone else and you'd be better off
re-using and addapting their code to your purpose.

Dana Miller