Re: What is the most popular language used by programmers?

From: Dan Tex1 (
Date: 04/01/04

Date: 01 Apr 2004 00:16:47 GMT

From: Programmer Dude

>We can't fix the world. We can only fix a small personal piece
>of it and hope others pitch in. Don't stop doing the right thing
>because it seems futile (or it really will become futile).


>> Well. I actually disagree on that one. I think it's a lot easier
>> to tell if a dog is conscious than it is to get people to agree on
>> what "intelligent editing" is. Of course... many, many people
>> will undoubtely disagree with me on that. :-)
>I think posts in this group in the past 12 months would disagree
>with that. We spent *months* arguing about whether animals were
>truly conscious and never got anywhere. I described intelligent
>editing earlier and so far no one has disagreed with or commented
>on that description.

That's because they were already bored with the thread. :-)

Although, "I" actually agree ( for the most part ) on what you call
intelligent editing, the problem is partially that it has that bad word in it,
 ie "intelligent". From the prior ( and long ) conversations regarding
consciousness, part of the problem there was that people also couldn't agree
on what constitutes intelligence and what doesn't. I figure until people can
agree on what intelligence is, they can't truly agree on what intelligent
editing is.

Of course the great thing about all of this is... it doesn't really matter (
ok. not to me anyway ).

On a side note, I'm unhappy having just recently learned that my kitty-cat (
for 7+ yrs ) has a tumor and will not be with me for too much longer. I feel
quite confident that she is both conscious and intelligent ( at least according
to my definitions for the terms ). Her annoying attempts at getting my
attention by walking across my keyboard when I'm working will be sorely missed.

Dan :-)