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From: Chris Dollin (
Date: 04/06/04

Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 15:33:39 +0100

Gerry Quinn wrote:

> In article <R3pcc.43338$>,
> wrote:
>>BTW - unfortunately, in recent years I have
>>had to attend way too many presentations
>>(of course, they're Powerpoint) rather than
>>do my technical job. Now, I bring one B&W slide
>>to the presentations which I put up at the
>>"The credibility of your presentation is
>>inversely proportional to the number of
>>*unnecessary* colors and PPT effects in
>>the presentation."
> Would you say the credibility of a book is inversely proportional to the
> number of unnecessary words used?

No; just that the credibility goes down as the number of superflous
words goes up. "inversely proportional" is too specific.

> To be credible, should a document be printed on cheap paper in the
> smallest readable font?

No - but an excessively large font, or bizarrely wide margins, are
bad signs. As is thickness disproportional to content.

> Why not make one's work beautiful?

Of course. Sparse *is* beautiful.

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