Re: GUI programming.

From: Joec (
Date: 05/09/04

Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 16:21:49 GMT

Corey Murtagh wrote:

> Joec wrote:
>> I have some experience programming. I have worked with PERL and C++.
>> I am getting to be a decent programmer and I would like to start
>> writing that use GUIs. I have worked with PERL TK but I would rather
>> program in C++. Where is a good start for writing C++ programs that
>> use GUI. I have Borland Builder but I need some good refence material
>> to use it.
> Builder's GUI libraries are based on Delphi, so they're not conventional
> C++ code. However like Delphi you can create simple GUI interfaces with
> Builder without writing too much supporting code for the GUI itself,
> which leaves you more time to write the actual working code.
> Best thing to do is play around. Create a new VCL app, drop some
> controls on the form and see what happens. Check the help for
> information on specifics, or ask in the various Borland newsgroups
> (check out for info on those groups).

I have done that some and I find it very confusing. I saw GUI for C++
using qt. Any opinion on this.