Re: GUI programming.

From: Phlip (
Date: 05/09/04

Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 16:38:06 GMT

> >>However, C++ sucks, and there's no reason to use it.

> > So is this Phlip?

Joec wrote:

> I am a self taught programmer. I used Basic years ago when I was in
> school. I had a brief class in Pascal. In the last couple of years I
> started with Perl after using html. From Perl I want to C++. I have
> yet to use other languages. I program for a hobby. My work with C++
> has given me a better understanding of programming in general.
> In the end I want to write professional looking programs and have a shot
> at getting a job that involves programming.

The average boss might not care, but the good ones want to see clean source.
Things like short functions with low coupling, expressive variable names,
tests, etc. Things Perl often inhibits. Read /Agile Development: Principles
Practices and Patterns/ by Bob Martin.

> I would like to write better programs for me that is involves making
> GUIs. If there are other languages that are better for programming, I
> would like to know more about them. My goal it to learn enough to get a
> job that involves programming.

To actually work a job - not just get it - you will need to know how to
learn languages. Modern applications are overwhelmingly multi-lingual (SQL,
C++, IDL, VB, HTML, XML, etc.).

Part of learning to learn languages is avoiding the trap "I'm a Java
Programmer". Just say "I'm a Programmer". Of course humans tend to bond with
things that make them money (and I am quite proficient in C++, thank you),
but one should be able to declaim why any language sucks.