Re: A program design.

From: Martijn (
Date: 12/28/04

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 08:15:20 +0100

Bill Godfrey wrote:
> Or, build a board with each section having a switch behind it to
> detect that a dart has hit it.
> I'd be surprised if someone hasn't already built one.

A german company did, I forgot their name though. They used loops behind
each of the pie-pieces and a loop behind each the double and triple ring.
The bull and double bull each also had their own loop. They were integrated
into the board and they used the simple principle of induction. This way
the dartboard would play as a regular one and still be able to keep score
(instead of those plastic ones with all the holes).

About that program itself, I have made a dart-score program back in the days



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