Re: Help me choose a programming language please

From: James Keasley (james.keasley_at_gmail.invalid)
Date: 12/31/04

Date: 31 Dec 2004 17:22:17 GMT

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On 2004-12-31, <> wrote:
> James Keasley wrote:
>>Python, easy to learn, with a fundamentally weird syntax, and though
>>not all that many people actually use it most of them seem to be
>>fanatical about it.
> By "fundamentally weird syntax" you are perhaps referring to the use of
> indentation to determine control flow. Most new Python programmers get
> used to it pretty quickly and do not find it a problem. In general,
> Python code is very concise and also readable.

Oh, I don't deny that, it is one of the main languages that I use,
mainly for GUI programming, or when it is the alternative of python
or some retarded crud like VB[1], it is just that I find perl matches
the way I think better.

[1] on the fun project that required the programs to be able to create
and add records to dbase files, and grab and parse data from $big_telco's
ADSL availability checker. erk on both points.

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