Re: mesa tesselator

Jon Harrop wrote:
> Jyrki Alakuijala wrote:
>> Jon Harrop wrote:
>>> Have a look at the GLU polygon tesselator.
>> I have witnessed a project using the GLU polygon tesselator
>> that worked fine until the polygons got remarkably larger,
>> and somewhere between chiliagons and myriagons the GLU polygon
>> tesselator crashes.
> We have developed a commercial application which makes extensive
> use of the GLU polygon tesselator and find it to be quite robust:
> There used to be a bug which caused it to segfault when given a
> vertex with an infinite coordinate. I'm not sure if that is still
> there.
>> Checking the versioning history of MESA reveals quite some
>> bugs in the tesselator and even a report of "reverting
>> back to tesselator 1.1", hinting that building a tesselator
>> might not be quite as easy as one would initially expect.
> It would be pretty stupid to expect writing a GLU tesselator to
> be easy. I tried to write a replacement once and gave up having
> read three mathematics PhD theses on the subject.
>> If you decide to use the MESA GLU polygon tesselator, you
>> may be just fine, but test the code most carefully that it
>> really works in the conditions where you really need it to
>> work.
> I've been using it for years and it definitely really works.
>> Sometimes, especially in human safety critical scientific
>> computation, such as structural engineering, medical
>> computing or nuclear engineering, you do not want to rely too
>> much on sloppy things like OpenGL-drivers
> Absolutely. But I doubt anyone writing a safety critical
> application would rely upon OpenGL. At least, I hope they
> wouldn't...

Every time I have written a mimsy borogove application every gyre
has been properly gymbaled in all wabes with the MESE GLU
tesselator. You can't beat it for reliability. But beware the
jabberwock, my son.

"A man who is right every time is not likely to do very much."
-- Francis Crick, co-discover of DNA
"There is nothing more amazing than stupidity in action."
-- Thomas Matthews