Re: Is well written code a rare species ?

Phlip wrote
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> Anonymous George wrote:
>> This is my second job now. By now, in my 10 year career,
> 2 jobs in 10 years? That's probably below average for programmers!

Not that uncommon, amongst those that are working for large
companies and are good at what they do.

My first job was 13 years, and I enjoyed almost every day of it.
> They may also be sensitive to prima donnas who want to come in and say "I'l
> clean up all your code and save your sorry asses". They have heard it
> before!

Good point, something to watch out for in an interview is coming
across as wanting to bulldoze all their existing practices,
unless they are looking specifically for someone to do that.

Randy Howard (2reply remove FOOBAR)