Re: GNU Public Licences Revisited (again)

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david.golden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx says...

> > So they have a choice between paying you a trivial sum for a copy of
> > Rowland's latest, or whatever other stuff about boy wizards is
> > floating around, or paying Rowland a large sum, enough to induce her
> > to write some sequel sometime. Which is going to be chosen by
> > 99.999% of readers?
> Come off of it. Apart from the choice of paying rowling anyway, given
> the choice between the two, why leap to buying a copy of the existing
> book as the only way to pay for the creation of a new book? If you're
> going to pay someone to paint your fence, don't pay them for
> sitting in your garden near some the paint tins. One could pay Rowling
> a nontrivial sum *to write the sequel*, potentially even bound by
> contract to do so, not just pay her for a copy of the existing book in
> the vague hope she will write a sequel sometime (though of course such
> payments might be all the encouragement needed in many cases, just not
> necessarily.)

The point is that your proposal is to make such exotic methods
necessary, when they are not necessary now. And they do not have a
good record, so your bland assertion that they will work perfectly well
is hardly going to be convincing to any artist or other IP creator.

Besides, you still haven't answered the question of what IP rights an
author should have. You might see no benefit in connecting your
readers with a named author - surely it would be better to publish
stories by (say) JKR42Z? Then people will have to come to Golden
Parasite Productions Inc. to get their next fix of Harry Potter.

After all, doesn't forcing you to publish the author's name clearly
infringe on your right to freely use information, according to the
vicious ideology you have been pushing? You are trying to imply that
you really perform a service to the author - it's a common enough claim
among IP pirates.

You want to turn creators into whores and beggars.

- Gerry Quinn