Re: Java speed: Reality versus theory?

> Matthias Kaeppler wrote:
>> How come so many people claim Java to be so fast, even write papers
>> about how great JIT and the Java runtime in general is compared to other
>> languages, but still, each and every Java application I have /ever/ used
>> is either slow or so /unbearably/ slow that you can't even work with it
>> without ripping your hair out (I don't want to call names, but there are
>> quite some very popular development tools written in Java which run
>> awfully slow on my 3GHz machine)?

Maybe you *SHOULD* call names. In my experience, Java applications are
not significantly slower than equivalent applications written in other
langues. I'm assuming you're talking about Eclipse. I don't find Eclipse
significantly slower than, for example, Microsoft Visual Studio (which I'm
assuming, but haven't checked, is not written in Java).

I recently made a post comparing slow Java applications to equivalent
non-Java applications, and I basically concluded that the non-Java
applications tend to be just as slow. The post is available at

- Oliver


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