Re: Java speed: Reality versus theory?

Oliver Wong wrote:
Maybe you *SHOULD* call names. In my experience, Java applications are not significantly slower than equivalent applications written in other langues. I'm assuming you're talking about Eclipse. I don't find Eclipse significantly slower than, for example, Microsoft Visual Studio (which I'm assuming, but haven't checked, is not written in Java).

Yes, Eclipse for one part. Poseidon UML and Visual Paradigm UML for another two major examples. On my Centrino 1.6GHz Notebook (512MB), running Poseidon and Eclipse at the same time makes the system extremely sloppy. The memory will be used up to 90% (there is some memory reserved for the graphics card), and the pagefile was about 450 MB!

No, sorry, Visual Studio is WAY faster on my machines. It doesn't take 10+ seconds to redraw its window for example.