Re: Hotel and Rest. Management Major and CS Minor?

<xeys_00@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello all. I will be entering the University of Houston soon and
> pursuing a Hotel and Ret. Management major. I have always had an
> interest in learning programming and computers(have about 3 semesters
> of basic C++). I was wondering about taking a CS minor, kind of like
> "dessert" along with the main curriculum of my major. I enjoy the
> experience of being in a classroom and learning computers and
> programming; however, I understand that running a food service
> establishment has nothing to do with sitting at a desk and coding all
> day. However, I think that being able to write up a program for my own
> place one day(think wireless ordering via touch screens at each table,
> etc...geeky stuff). I was thinking it would be neat to take a CS/IT
> class each semester and get my computer lessons in the traditional
> classroom setting, as well as going to my other classes. I can see a
> real use for programming and using computers in a "real world" setting,
> and not having this sort of thing just limited to coders in cubicles.
> Am I just deluded here? I appreciate all comments and opinions. Thanks.
> Xeys_00

IMHO, CS sounds like overkill for what you want.

Why don't you minor in something more applicable to your goals. And learn
to program either from a book, or a second rate college?

My 2 cents anyway.