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Some languages have no reserved keywords. This, along with other
features, makes them extensible. I know of lisp, scheme, tcl. Any

You must destinguish between syntax extensions and semantic extensions.

While lisp is semantically extensible, you have always the lists.

Probably i am biased, but take a look at Seed7.

Greetings Thomas Mertes

Seed7 Homepage:
Project page:

Looks eerily like Pascal.

However, from the wiki page...

$ include "seed7_05.s7i"; # Standard Seed7 library

That's evil. Why not something simple, like
$ include "seed7std.s7i";

Is that versioning info in the include file name? Why on earth
should that be exposed to the programmer for the standard
library? Nevermind the difficulty of typing s7i naturally. :-)

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