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In other words, is this really "versioning info," or would it
be more accurately described as "branch info"?

It is acctually a "branch info". As if C had a

<stdlib_c78.h> /* For K&R C programs */
<stdlib_c89.h> /* For ANSI C */
<stdlib_c99.h> /* For C99 */

and your program must include one of these three headers
as first include file (Other include files have no version/branch
info in the name). That way you are not forced to upgrade
an old program (to get no warnings or to make it compile).
You can leave your old K&R program from 1980 as is.
When you decide to rewrite your K&R program to use
prototypes, you change the <stdlib...> include file as well.

To the important points:
(1) _05 might change to something in the future ( _06 or higher).
(2) It will not change often.
(3) There is nothing preventing bugfix versions of seed7_05.s7i
once the first version of seed7_06.s7i is released.

Greetings Thomas Mertes

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