Re: Software copy protection

Randy Howard wrote:
That wasn't a mistake. That was intentional, premeditated evil.
I'll never buy another item of any kind from Sony, even though
it did not impact me. Any company willing to do that to their
customers will not earn a dollar from me. It's a shame the
millions of consumers don't have the collective spine that
normal people once had centuries ago when they were willing to
risk their lives and go to war over something as simple as an
unjustified, albeit tiny, tax on the price of tea.

I think you're paranoid at this thing. Company like Sony could not do
it intentionally. Otherwise it would be an electronic terrorism.

Wishful thinking. It's only "regularly improved" if everybody
upgrades. Even then there is ZERO guarantee that it won't be
cracked. Try to get them to sign a legally binding contract to
pay you $1 million the first time a cracked binary for your app
shows up on bittorrent. Good luck.

None will you guarantee smth. won't be broken. What about execryptor it
isenough time tested protection. its version 2.0 was launched on July
2004. The current one is 2.3.7. But even 2.0 remains uncracked. So i
believe when the crackers will find the way to bypass the actual
version there already will be some 3.x or 4.x available that will be
many times improved.