Linking C and C++ Modules

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Hey guys, this is probably a dumb question, but I can't figure out the
answer for the life of me.

I'm writing myself a custom program to track finances and such (yes, I
know such things already exist, but I haven't found one I like), but
I've run into a problem. Some modules are better off written in C++ and
some are better suited to C. They'll all compile into object code quite
nicely, but they won't link.

Here's an example:

The main() function in my program is contained in a C++ file called It calls a function called disclaimer() (which prints a
copyright disclaimer) found in a C file called (yep you guessed it)

Here's the relevant code:

/* */

/* Includes ... */
#include "disclaimer.h"

int main()

/* ... */

return 0;

/* end of */

/* disclaimer.h */


void disclaimer();

#endif /* DISCLAIMER_H */

/* end of disclaimer.h */

/* disclaimer.c */

#include <stdio.h>

void disclaimer()
/* Use fprintf to print a disclaimer on stderr. */

/* end of disclaimer.c */

As I mentioned the object files compiles quite nicely, but when I try to
link them I get the following error: undefined reference to `disclaimer()'

I found that if I rename disclaimer.c to and compile it as
a C++ file everything works fine, but that defeats the whole point. Can
anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Can what I'm attempting actually
be done, or should I just re-write everything in C++?

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Jonathan Lamothe

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