Re: Creating own GUI

Bart C wrote:
2. If you're not on Windows or want something free or want something
that runs on a lot of platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Sun, etc..)
then have a look at Tcl/Tk:

Tcl/tk is easiest when it's built-in to the programming language.
On a language like C, while it may be possible, the documentation gives
little help.

The OP has a point when he wants to write his own GUI (if this means
constructing dialogs and suchlike). I've been looking for a good GUI for
years and am still looking.

They are either incompatible with my language, or completely dwarf it

Well.. that's not a problem with me as my language is Tcl. And that may
not be a problem to the OP as he was asking about what language to
learn anyway. If you want to generate binary exe to distribute your
programs then Tcl can do that very well with either freewrap or