Re: Fun linked list problem

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Murali <maha.murali@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The reason I think questions like these should be asked in interviews,
is not because I expect them to be used in the job. It gives you an
insight to how the person approaches a problem. The key thing, as far
as I am concerned is whether the person can come up with the idea of
modifying the pointer structure as we run down the list back and forth.

Please quote some context.

Look, I've asked interview questions not too dissimilar to these in
the past, but I got better. Why is it a good thing if someone thinks
about modifying the pointer structure of a (presumably) opaque data
type? That's a bad, bad, bad thing to do in production code. It
isn't even possible in most well behaved languages. Why should I
be impressed that the person can do an obscure thing that I don't
ever want them to do?

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